Adidas announced Wednesday (June 29) that it will extend its partnership with Kanye West in the launch of “adidas + KANYE WEST,” a Yeezy branded line including footwear, apparel and accessories for street and sport.

West will lead a team in the development and creation of all Yeezy products, and his influence will also spread to new retail stores that will operate as hubs for new releases. He will have a level of creative autonomy that is unprecedented between an athletic brand and a non-athlete.

“Kanye is a true creator who has the ability to see things others don’t,” Adidas CMO Eric Liedtke said in a statement.  “With adidas + KANYE WEST we are exploring new territories by opening up the sports world to Kanye’s creativity.”

This latest collaboration between West and adidas will be the continuation of a partnership that was started two years ago after West departed from Nike. Adidas recognized his creativity and influence after the Yeezy Season 1 fashion show that combined style, music and art.

Since then, the musical icon and German sportswear manufacturer have released the Yeezy Boost 750 and Yeezy Boost 350, two sneakers that were immensely popular and highly coveted.

The news also indicates that West is getting closer to realizing his goal of becoming a major player in the fashion world. He doesn’t want to be limited to just one creative outlet such as music, and has often expressed frustration with the fashion industry’s desire to keep him in a box.

But now with a global brand such as Adidas firmly in his corner, it appears that West will have the necessary resources to make his desired impact.

“These past two years adidas and YEEZY have given a glimpse into our future,” West said in a statement. “This partnership illustrates that anyone with a dream can dream without limitations.”

Photo: adidas