With so many video services available to choose from, it can be difficult to manage and keep track of everything. Apple may potentially have a solution.

Earlier this week (Oct. 27), Apple introduced a new app – simply named TV – that promises to provide users with a simple way to enjoy all their digital content in one place. The app gathers television shows and movies from various services to provide a “unified experience” across multiple screens.

“Using apps on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad has become the primary way for so many of us to watch television,” Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, said in a press release. “The TV app shows you what to watch next and easily discover TV shows and movies from many apps in a single place.”

The TV app has five key features – Watch Now, Up Next, Recommended, Library and Store – that make it easy to access and discover content.  After finishing a show or movie from their available collection, users have the option to continue the series or choose from a selection of trending content from Apple’s curators. However, the most interesting feature is the Store, where users can check out the latest releases on iTunes or subscribe directly to third-party video services like Hulu and HBO Now.

The TV app will be available in December as a free software update for Apple TV, iPhone and iPhone customers and always stays in sync, allowing users to change devices and continue their viewing experience right where they left off.

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Photo: Apple