In memory of Robin Williams, we look back at one of his most beloved characters, Genie from Disney’s animated film “Aladdin.”

While traveling through a cave, Aladdin discovers an inconspicuous lamp and unleashes a whirlwind of cosmic power known as Genie. From the second Genie appears on screen, he steals the show with his larger-than-life personality, dizzying display of powers and hilarious antics.

In what is a trademark of Disney films, Genie performs the musical number “Friend Like Me,” which resonated with audiences and remains engraved in our memories years later. In the song, he informs Aladdin (and the audience for that matter) that he is unlike anyone he has ever encountered and that “you ain’t never had a friend like me.” That is exactly what Aladdin got in Genie, a unique and loyal friend willing to stick by his side and help in any way possible.

Williams was made for the role of Genie. And since it was an animated role, he was able to fully showcase his improvisational abilities and spot-on impressions with no boundaries and endless possibilities. The result was a character that absolutely can’t be duplicated and will remain connected with Williams forever.

You can see Genie and all of his wonder in the scene below.

Photo via Disney